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It May Not Appear Like It Now, But The Rainy Season is Approaching

How 15 Minutes Can Save You From Potential Flooding

Post Date:10/19/2017 11:40 AM

Dear Portola Valley residents,

The first rain of the season is forecasted for this evening.  The Town of Portola Valley would like to share some useful tips to help you prepare for the upcoming rainy season:

  • Walk around to determine where your rain gutters and area drains flow to. Make sure they have a clear path away from your home and off your property.

  • Rain gutters typically feed into drain pipes. Inspect and remove debris from all storm drain pipes, drains, grates, so that they are completely clear. This includes removing the top of any grates to inspect the inside of the pipe, which should be completely clear.

  • Please do not have your gardener dispose of debris in drainage swales and creeks – this can cause drainage systems to become blocked and potentially flood.

  • Inspect drainage ditches going through your property to make sure they are clear on your property. This includes upstream and downstream. Discuss and inspect with your neighbors.

  • Inspect and clean up the storm drain pipe under your driveway. You should be able to see daylight at the other end.

  • If a storm drain pipe or drainage ditch is blocked by dirt, it may be necessary to hire a contractor to dig out the outlet to let it flush it out. In more serious instances, you may have to hydroflush the pipe out.

  • Although the Town cleans and inspects the roadside storm drains in front of your home, we ask for your assistance during this time. Inspect and remove tree debris when you see it.

  • Re-inspect and clean the above items again several times during the rainy season and after heavy storms as new tree debris and mud will flow into your storm drain system.

Please visit the Town’s website for additional information on winter storm preparedness.

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