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Pedestrian Safety Update

Post Date:10/26/2017 4:31 PM

Message from Town Manager, Jeremy Dennis:

With the recent discussions on PV Forum about traffic/pedestrian safety, I thought I’d share some of the ongoing work of the Town on these issues.

For the past month, Mayor Craig Hughes, the Chair of the Bicycle, Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Committee Ed Holland, Public Works Director Howard Young, and I have been visiting intersections in Town that have heavy traffic, particularly around school hours. We have been observing the behavior of both motorists and pedestrians as they interact with one another, and the Town’s current infrastructure to support pedestrian activity (signage, crosswalks, paths, etc). We'll be doing more of these visits in the next several weeks, including the intersections at Golden Oak and Alpine near the Club, Alpine and Portola Road, and at the new Windmill School location on Portola Road.

We have been joined by parents at some of our visits, and heard from many more via email and phone conversations. We are getting a good sense of what the issues are as kids walk to and from school, and we will be recommending some immediate solutions while considering longer-term ideas. I greatly appreciate that many of you have taken the time to share your stories and concerns.

At some of these visits, we have invited our friends with the Sheriff’s Office to observe with us. Based on our observations, I have asked that for increased monitoring at various locations in Town, including at Brookside and Portola Roads. I am very appreciative of the Sheriff’s work in the last few weeks to ticket the most egregious traffic violations; I believe they absolutely make it safer for children and their parents as they walk to and from school.

Over the summer, the Town applied for a grant to study pedestrian circulation issues. We are awaiting the grantor’s answer to our request for funds. Should we not receive the grant, I am committed to recommending funds to support this work.

The Town is well represented by the volunteers of the Bicycle, Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Committee who have spent many hours assisting with the grant proposal, engaging the community and discussing options. The BPTS Committee wants to hear from you, if you already haven’t provided your feedback.  We hope you will add your voice to the conversation at the next BPTS meeting on Wednesday, November 1st, at 8:15 am where the Committee will be discussing the pedestrian circulation study and potential short-term solutions at the Brookside/Corte Madera/Portola Road intersections.

Again, thank you for the comments and engagement, and I hope that you will continue to contact the Mayor, Ed, and me in the coming weeks and months with your concerns.

Thank you,
Jeremy Dennis
Town Manager
650-851-1700 X 215

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