Disaster Preparedness

CERPP Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams

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In the event of a widespread disaster (such as earthquake), the emergency services are likely to be overwhelmed.  Our fire department - Woodside Fire Protection District (WFPD) - has developed a neighborhood self-help program called CERPP (Citizens Emergency Response and Preparedness Program).

The WFPD has been divided into 25 divisions, nine of which are in Portola Valley.  Several of the divisions are further subdivided into areas. The divisions and volunteer leaders are listed below. These locations have communication radios, first aid kits, and trained volunteers to help neighbors in an emergency.

Report to your area or division leader if the following emergency circumstances apply:

  • Your phones do not work, or
  • You cannot get through to 911, or
  • 911 says they have no help to send.

The division and area leaders will have radio contact with the Town's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located at the Town Center, which will in turn will have radio contact with the County and State.

Jim Pollock   
Joy Elliott 30 Shoshone Place
Dudley Carlson 2 Coalmine View
Elizabeth Papadopoulos 35 Buckeye
Staff: John Langford  501 Portola Rd
Note: Brookside needs additional leaders! Please click here to send an email for more information.
Dave Howes 18 Portola Green Circle
Brad Peyton 171 Brookside Dr
Michelle Green 440 Golden Oak Dr
Lorrie Duval lorrie@saticoy.com
Note: Westridge needs leaders! Please click here to send an email for more information.
Steve Friedman 144 Carmel Way
Bill Tagg 450 Old Spanish Trail
John Boice     20 Tynan
Craig Taylor 111 Santa Maria
Eric Ponteri  381 La Cuesta Drive
Dave Ellison 171 Durazno Way
Brian Wall 340 La Mesa Drive 
Andy Pflaum     520 La Mesa Drive