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Update on Pedestrian Safety Issues from Bicycle, Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Committee

Post Date:10/01/2018 12:47 PM

Update on Pedestrian Safety Issues from Bicycle, Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Committee, Monday, October 1, 2018:

Over the last few months, much has occurred in response to resident requests for pedestrian safety improvements. The Town wanted to give you the latest updates:

At the request of the Bicycle, Pedestrian and Traffic Safety (BPTS) Committee and the Town, the Sheriff’s Office has increased patrols at those intersections with school-related traffic and pedestrian activity:

·      Portola Road at Corte Matera/The Priory
·      Portola Road at Windmill School
·      Portola and Alpine Roads
·      Alpine Road and Indian Crossing
·      Alpine Road at the Alpine Hills Swim and Tennis Club   

Although the Sheriff isn’t able to be at every intersection every day, their presence has already resulted in nearly 150 moving violations during August (with September’s data coming soon), with many coming at the start of the school year. The BPTS Committee and the Town will continue to work with the Sheriff’s Office on increased presence during school traffic hours.

The Town has completed a set of improvements along Portola Road at Corte Madera to improve pedestrian safety. These include a high-visibility paddle in the middle of the street, significant vegetative work along the west side of Portola Road, and improvements on the lower portion of Corte Madera to give pedestrians a place to get off the street onto the shoulder.

The Town is in the process of performing a traffic study of select intersections (including those above) to observe the interactions between vehicles and pedestrians in order to determine if and what improvements are needed. Once the Town’s Traffic consultant completes observations, the results will be discussed at the Town’s Bicycle, Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Committee public meeting. We encourage public participation and feedback at the meetings. We will also be reaching out through our social media to notify and invite the public. Comments and input can be emailed anytime to and

The Town, the Portola Valley School District, and the Priory are jointly funding a pilot program to support crossing guards in the morning at Portola Road/Corte Madera and in the afternoon at Portola and Alpine Roads for the remainder of the school year. Unfortunately, the company we have contracted with has had great difficulty staffing the position. As soon as staffing is complete, we will announce the program.

And as a last-minute reminder, Captain Christina Corpus, the Town’s contact with the Sheriff’s Office and the manager of our contract, will begin office hours with residents starting on October 2nd.  If you would like to meet with her, please contact her at Thank you to everyone who has already RSVP’d.

We hope you continue to share your ideas and experiences with us. Should you wish to share an idea on how to improve safety, please send your comments to both the BPTS Committee and Public Works Director Howard Young at Should you experience a need for enforcement, please contact the Sheriff’s Office through Captain Corpus at

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