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GreenWaste Cart Exchange begins Monday Jan 6th.

Post Date:01/02/2020 2:41 PM

GreenWaste has notified the Town they will begin exchanging out the old carts for your new carts beginning on Monday January 6th.  The process could take a few months but if you have questions about your cart exchange you can call GreenWaste at 650.568.9900.


Below is additional information and tips from GreenWaste to help the transition for those who are getting new carts.

  • GreenWaste’s delivery team will begin delivering new carts on January 6, 2020. Most cart deliveries will occur on your normal service day.
  • If you have GreenWaste-issued carts that need to be removed or replaced, be sure those carts are in an accessible location on every one of your service days until your carts are exchanged. If the delivery team cannot easily locate your existing GreenWaste-issued carts, removal will not occur. Reminder – GreenWaste will NOT be removing personal cans.
  • Due to the large volume of service changes, some cart deliveries may occur on non-service days. If your carts are delivered on a non-service day and GreenWaste staff is not able to remove unneeded carts, GreenWaste staff will return to remove unneeded carts at a later date.
  • Due to the large volume of service changes, the cart delivery process may take a few months. Please continue using your existing service containers until you receive your new carts. Upon receipt of your new carts, please begin using those new carts immediately.
  • If you note that delivery and/or removal did not occur as you expected, please contact Customer Service at 650.568.9900.
  • If you have personal containers you’d like removed, please call Customer Service to discuss your options at 650.568.9900.