Portola Valley Demographics

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What the 2000 Census said about Portola Valley

(Sources: Census 2000 SF1, DP1-DP4; Census 2000 Summary File 3, Matrices H1, H24, H30, H34, H47, and H50)

Total Population: 4,462

Total Housing Units: 1,809 Total households: 1,700

Median rooms: 6.9
1 unit, (detached or attached): 85.4%
In building with 10 or more units: 10%
Structure built 1990 - 2000: 4.6%
Structure built before 1939: 8.4%

Median value owner occupied unit: $1,000,000+
Median gross rent: $2,000+


Persons per household: 2.7
Family households: 1,269
Families with children under 18: 506
Average household size: 2.58
Average family size: 2.93

Median household income in 1999: $158,217
Median family income in 1999: $180,893
Per capita income in 1999: $99,621

Population by Age: Educational Attainment of Population 25 & over:
Population by Age Educational Attainment of Population 25 and over
Population by Age Educational Attainment of Population 25 and over
Median Age: 47.5

Population by Sex:
Male: 49.2%
Female: 50.8%
Population by Race:
  White: 92.9%
Black or African American: 0.4%
American Indian and Alaska Native: 0.2%
Asian: 4.0%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 0.0%
Some other race: 1.0%
Two or more races: 1.4%
Hispanic or Latino population (of any race): 3.3%

Labor and Employment by Occupation
Employed civilian population 16 years and over:

Labor and Employment by Occupation

Mean travel time commuting to work (minutes): 26.1

Other numbers of Interest

Area: 10 square miles
Miles of Road: 35.50
Miles of Trails: 33.80
Elevation: 450 feet

Weather: (Seasonal Averages)
Inches of rain: 21
Inches of snowfall: 0
Number of days with some precipitation: 67
Number of sunny days each year: 265
Average high temperature in January: 60° F
Average low temperature in January: 36° F
Average high temperature in July: 88° F
Average low temperature in July: 51° F
Number of days less than 32° F: 0 days
Number of days greater than 90° F: 1 days

Weather Disaster Risk Scale: 1-10
These disaster indexes assess the possibility of serious damage due to natural disasters, based on historical records from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and research by the U.S. Coast and Geologic Service.
Earthquake: 10
Tornado: 1
Hurricanes: 0