Demolition Permit Application Requirements

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Click here for a printable version of the Demolition Permit Application requirements. 

A Demolition Permit does NOT include grading or excavation of a site, or the commencement of construction activities associated with proposed improvements to the site.  Separate Building and Site Development Permits are required for these construction activities.


  • Obtain J# from Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD): Contact BAAQMD and complete a Demolition Notification Form and submit to obtain J#. The J# process is designed to ensure that no asbestos is released into the air when buildings are demolished. You will need to apply for and obtain your J# even if you know that the building contains no asbestos.
  • Utilities Disconnection: Contact PG&E for utility disconnect permits/procedures (650) 598-7204.
  • Obtain Sewer Disconnect Permit: Contact West Bay Sanitary District (if property is connected to sewer) to obtain sewer permit (650) 321-0384. West Bay Sanitary District (WBSD) requires that sewer laterals of demolished structures be disconnected and property capped at either the property line or at the connection with the main sewer. A WBSD permit is required, as well as an inspection of the completed work.
  • (3) sets of Tree Protection and Construction Staging Plans (refer to Town’s plan checklist)
  • (3) sets of Erosion Control plans
  • (2) copies of an Arborist Report if there are heritage trees in the vicinity of the proposed demolition
  • Copy of letter from West Bay Sanitary District approving disconnect final
  • Check payable to Town of Portola Valley for fees and deposit
  • Complete Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste Management Plan: The Town’s C&D Ordinance 2017-415 requires that at least 75% of construction & demolition debris be reused, recycled or diverted so that it doesn’t end up in the landfill. You are strongly encouraged to deconstruct/salvage rather than demolish a structure. Go to to create a Waste Management Plan and estimated tonnage for your project. Once your Waste Management Plan is submitted, you will be notified by the Planning Department via the waste-tracking system of its’ approval and the required deposit amount plus the administrative fee. This deposit is refundable provided you submit weight tags and/or documentation of salvage/deconstruction work that demonstrates that at least 75% of the debris tonnage was recycled/salvaged.

  • Historic Review: For all projects, staff will confirm whether the site is included in the Historic Element of the General Plan and follow the applicable procedures.


  • Once your demolition permit is approved and issued, you are required to first install your tree protection fencing and erosion control per approved plans.
  • Call for a Pre-Demolition & Tree Protection/Erosion Control Inspection by the Building Official at (650) 851-1700 x216.
  • PRE-DEMOLITION INSPECTION by the Building Official shall include:


  • Erosion control: all surfaces disturbed by grading shall be seeded with the Town approved native Bay Area Habitat seed mix as soon after grading or earth disturbance as possible. Erosion and sediment controls shall be installed and maintained to the satisfaction of the Public Works Director.
  • Site & Road Clean-Up: -provide site clean-up, including debris and materials on site, as well as road clean up. The Building Official will monitor this. 


  • C&D compliance documentation: upload your deconstruction/salvage/recycling weight tags to your project file in and “Submit Plan for Final.” The Planning Department will review your file for compliance and notify you of its approval and the amount you will receive for your deposit refund.
  • Call for final inspection by the Building Official: (650) 851-1700 x216.