Urgency Conditional Use Permit Process

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Urgency Conditional Use Permit Process


The Town Council has created streamlined review process for temporary planning approvals to support reasonable changes to help keep local businesses economically viable during the COVOD-19 pandemic. The ordinance created an ad-hoc committee to conduct an expedited review of applications for Conditional Use Permits (CUP)s and Architectural and Site Development reviews (typically the purview of the Planning Commission and the Architectural and Site Control Commission respectively). The Ad-Hoc Planning Review Committee includes the Chair of the Planning Commission, the Chair of the Architectural and Site Control Commission (ASCC), the Town Manager, and the Planning & Building Director. One Council Member shall serve as a liaison.


The ordinance contains a streamlined process for these reviews with the following key components:


  • Meetings of the Ad-Hoc Committee would be held on as as-needed basis via teleconference. The public would be welcome to attend virtually or call in.
  • The Committee would have to consider the Findings for Approval in the Municipal Code in approving or denying the project.
  • The Committee could grant temporary approvals only. If applicants would like to pursue permanent approvals, they can go through this process now and come back for an application through the normal process later.
  • Instead of applying the normal fee schedule, which assumes a longer review process, these applicants would pay a deposit and pay only for the staff time to process the application.
  • There would not be a notice sent to neighbors to streamline the time of the review.
  • Appeals would have to be filed within five days instead of fifteen days.

Download ordinance here

If you wish to file an application, please contact Laura Russell at lrussell@portolavalley.net