When Portola Valley was incorporated in 1964, one of the goals of the Town was to create the spirit of community and to build camaraderie among the residents. The volunteer committees which were created out of this vision now sponsor numerous events and programs, including hikes, picnics, music recitals, art exhibits, speakers' evenings, book signings and theater performances. In addition, classes and athletic events are happening almost year round at Town Center and in our parks and recreational facilities.

A word on being a good neighbor...

How fortunate neighbors are when they know and respect each other so well that they can easily discuss and solve any problems that arise. Everyone can lay the groundwork that will make things easier should a dispute occur.

Long before you complain, before you even have a problem, get out there and meet your neighbors. The long-range benefit of simply being able to call someone by name, of creating even the tiniest bit of goodwill, is enormous when a problem arises. This is something that every one of us should do and do sooner rather than later. A simple self-introduction followed by a cordial “good morning” or “hello” on a regular basis will put you on the right footing and make future communication easier.

This approach is in your own best interest and will make you a better neighbor while helping avoid future conflict. Knowing your neighbor is a win-win situation for everybody.