Adult Class: Boomer Fitness Blast

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Combine the effectiveness and results of a personal training session with the fun and affordability of a group fitness class! Do you want to gain lean muscle? Reduce body fat? Increase range of motion in one or more joints?

Prior to the first class, LuAnne helps you to choose a realistic, specific, measurable goal. Then, using balls, gliders, cones, stretch bands, weights, hoops, etc., she provides a low-impact (meanining one foot is on the floor at all times), challenging, vigorous, FUN full-body workout for all. With her understanding of your specific requirement, she will make individual adjustments in posturing, levels of intensity and number of reps to help each person to reach their goal

As a group, you will realize increased muscle strength and flexibility, improved posture and agility, AND (as a current member states) "being with other Baby Boomers trying to be the best we can". Individually you will have measurable proof of your progress.

If you aren't a cranky cat named Garfield, then Monday may just become your favorite day of the week! All you need to bring is a thick exercise mat for floor exercise. You will be rewarded with a stretch and relaxation finale for each class that leaves you feeling peaceful yet energized.

For optimal results, class size is limited to eight participants. If the class is full, please contact

Instructor: LuAnne Kalman
Location: Community Hall, Main Room
Days/Times: Mondays, 7:00pm - 8:00pm         
Dates: April 21st - June 30th
Fee: $165 
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 About the Instructor:

LuAnne-FUN FITnessLuAnne Kalman is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and an AFAA Group Fitness instructor. Additionally, she is a NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist and has earned a Fitness Professional Certification from Cañada College in Redwood City. LuAnne is an active aging advocate trained to help women stay healthy and vital as they approach and continue through their menopausal years.