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Homeowners' Associations

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Beginning with the rapid national growth seen in the 1960's and the increasingly larger scale of residential developments, Homeowners' Associations (HOA) have become commonplace in American neighborhoods, with nearly one in six people living in a community regulated by some form of HOA.  Homeowners' associations seek to protect the character of the neighborhood, preserve its natural beauty, and maintain (and enhance) property values. 

There are a number of active Homeowners' Associations (HOA) in the Town that require review of any proposed exterior work (from planting and painting to building a new residence) on properties within the HOA prior to commencement of that work. For projects subject to architectural review by the ASCC (as well as any other projects), you should make contact with your HOA as early as possible in your design/conceptual phase to allow the board adequate time to review your proposal. The HOA board will likely provide input on design strategies and/or propose some conditions for their approval. It is ideal for you to secure your HOA’s approval prior to submitting an application for ASCC or building permit with the Town. If you are unsure whether your property is located within an HOA, contact the Building & Planning Department at (650) 851-1700 ex. 216.  Town HOA contacts are listed below.

Westridge Architectural Supervising Committee (WASC)
3130 Alpine Road  #288
PMB 164, Portola Valley  94028

Portola Valley Ranch Association
David Rock, President
Leo Gonzalez, General Manager  (650) 851-1811
1 Indian Crossing, Portola Valley 94028

Blue Oaks Homeowners' Association
Tim Mills, Chairperson (650) 279-1000

Oak Hills Homeowners' Association
Bill Clancey, Co-Chair (650) 575-8889

Hayfields Homeowners' Association
Harry Whitehouse, President (650) 851-7668
70 Hayfields, Portola Valley 94028

Portola Green Circle
Janet Howes (650) 851-5675

The following residential groups do not have design review requirements:

Wayside Road Maintenance District
Susan Nightingale (sue.wcw@gmail.com)

Woodside Highlands Improvement Association
Jean Isaacson, President
Richard Crevelt (650) 851-4518

The Sequoias' Residents' Council
Rex Jamison, President (650) 851-1501

The following are homeowners' associations outside of Portola Valley town limits:

Ladera Community Association
3130 Alpine Rd Suite 288-123
Portola Valley 94028

Los Trancos Woods Community Association
Linda Drey-Nightingale (650) 851-1787
132 Los Trancos Circle
Portola Valley 94028

Vista Verde Community Association
Rob Kalman (650) 851-6818
245 Old Spanish Trail
Portola Valley 94028