Alpine Road Shoulder Widening Project

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The Town of Portola Valley will be performing a road shoulder widening project on a short 480’ stretch of Alpine Road just across from Arastradero Road. The purpose of the project is to widen the existing narrow road shoulder from its existing 2’-3’ width to 6’ wide to improve travel conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians traveling westbound on Alpine Road.  To widen the road shoulder, the project will include drilling and installing piers for a new 4’ high x 480’ long wood retaining wall along the northern uphill roadside of Alpine Road. Work is scheduled to take place between August 12, 2015 - October 15, 2015.

This project was approved by the Town's Bicycle, Pedestrian Traffic Safety Committee and reviewed by the Architectural Site Control Commission (ASCC). The majority of this project is funded by the San Mateo Transportation Authority as part of a competitive regional grant to the Town.

We are aware there will be residents who will be inconvenienced by this work and we ask for your advanced planning, cooperation, and understanding. Please expect and plan for traffic delays when traveling through the construction area of Alpine and Arastradero Roads. This project will result in a retaining wall structure and bank protection that will help mitigate potential erosion onto the roadway and provide a 6’ wide shoulder for travel and landscaping. It is our intention to complete this work prior to the rainy season which is typically October 15, 2015.



Additional information and updated project schedules will be available in the upcoming weeks on the Town's website. If you have any questions about the project, please call (650) 851-1700 x 214 or email Public Works Director Howard Young. During construction activities, the Town's inspector Tom Anderson can be reached at (831) 915-3395.