Soliciting in Portola Valley

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Town SealThis web-page provides information on the procedures solicitors are required to follow in order to solicit door-to-door in Portola Valley. It also provides information on active solicitation permits, what to do if your residence is approached by door-to-door salesmen, and where to find the Town's current Solicitation Ordinance.


Current and Active Solicitation Permits Issued:
Group                        Permit Issue Date  Permit Exp Date      Purpose/Comments                


Who is required to obtain a permit: Any person(s) going door-to-door (within the town limits) with the purpose of selling or taking orders for goods, wares or merchandise for present or future delivery of products or services. Please note: Evangelical, missionary, religious, or political purposes that do not involve solicitation of contributions and/or are only requesting a signature are EXEMPT from obtaining a permit.

How to obtain a permit: Potential solicitors must submit an Application for Solicitation Permit in person along with a $25 processing fee during business hours at Town Hall, 765 Portola Road. The Town Manager will review the application to ensure the accuracy and validity of the applicant's information, a process that will take no less than three business days. Upon approval of the permit by the Town Manager, each solicitor in the applicant's group will receive a copy of the signed permit along with a copy of the Town's most recent Do Not Solicit list. Permits expire 90 days after issuance. For questions regarding obtaining a Solicitation Permit, please contact the Town Clerk at 650.851.1700 ext. 210 or by email.

If you are approached at your door by a solicitor: The list above provides the details on current active permits. Residents should ask to see the solicitor's copy of their signed Town solicitation permit. If the solicitor is unable to provide this, please remind them that a permit is required when soliciting in Town. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or threatened, please contact the Sheriff's dispatch at (650) 363-4911. It is helpful to give the deputy the name of the organization, time of day/evening and a description of their vehicle, if possible.

To view the Town's solicitation ordinance: The Town's Municipal Code is housed off-site. Please click here to view this document. The solicitation ordinance is located at Title 5, Chapter 5.40 [Solicitation].

To be added to the Town's "Do Not Solicit" list: Click here to fill out a form that will add your residence to the Town's "Do Not Solicit" list.