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It is often said that you get out of life what you give. Through volunteerism, we not only provide support for our Town, we obtain the rich rewards of friendship and of truly making a difference, while setting a meaningful example for future generations.
- Bill Lane, former mayor and founding father of Portola Valley


Photo by Sheldon BreinerWhen Portola Valley was incorporated in 1964, one of the founding goals was to keep costs low by having a government run as much as possible by volunteers. A side benefit to this was seen to be the spirit of community and camaraderie that would develop among residents who worked together to build a town. This spirit of volunteerism continues today with many thousands of hours being donated to town service every year.

All members of the Town Council, commissions and committees serve without pay or benefits of any kind. Three sets of five residents comprise the Town Council, Architectural and Site Control Commission and Planning Commission. Another 105 citizens are members of fourteen standing committees. Others serve on ad hoc committees set up for short periods for specific purposes. Finally, there are special assignments, such as town newsletter staff, police commissioner, and town historian.

Why volunteer?

  • It's gratifying to contribute skills and strengths to your community.
  • It's a good way to form friendships with fellow residents.
  • It makes you more a part of your community.
  • It builds a stronger community.

Current Opportunities:

Specific openings for volunteers are posted on the Town Committees page, but this doesn't cover all possibilities or future openings. If you have an interest in offering your services, please contact the Town Center at (650) 851-1701, or towncenter@portolavalley.net, even when you don't see something listed.

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