Non-native Ground Cover

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These plants are incompatible with Portola Valley indigenous plant materials and will crowd them out.  Do not plant them.

 Hedera canariensis            
 Algerian Ivy
 Hedera canariensis,
 Hedera helix   
 English Ivy
 Hedera helix, Sunkist Villas
 Vinca major  Periwinkle  Vinca major, Richard Ayres
 Vinca minor
 Dwarf Periwinkle
 Vinca minor, Oregon State University
 Hypericum calycinum

 Aaron's Beard

 Creeping St. John's Wort

 Hypericum calycinum, Mercewiki,
 Nassella tenuissima  Mexican Feather Grass*     Mexican Feather Grass photo by
 Arctotheca calendula  Cape Weed     Cape Weed photo by picasa/fiona
 Carex tumulicola 
 Carex divulsa
 Berkeley Sedge
 European Grey Sedge             
      carex tumulicola 

*  These are perhaps the most threatening of all.  Use every effort to halt the spread of these plants.

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