Non-native Shrubs

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These plants are incompatible with Portola Valley indigenous plant materials and will crowd them out.  Do not plant them.

 Cortaderia jubata             
 Pampas Grass*                          
 Cortaderia jubata photo by Raphael Mazor
 Cortaderia selloana    
 Pampas Grass*
 Cortaderia selloana, photo by Antonie van der Bos
 Cotoneaster lacteal
 Red Clusterberry
 Cotoneaster lacteal, photo by The Rampant Gardner
 Cotoneaster salicifolia
 Willowleaf Cotoneaster
 Cotoneaster salicifolia, photo by Murat Pilevneli
 Cytisus canariensis
 Canary Island Broom*
 Cytisus Canariensis, photo by

 Cytisus racemosus

 Easter Broom*
Cytisus racemosus, photo by Pflanzensuche, Denmark

Cytisus scopiarius

 Scotch Broom*
Cytisus scoparius, photo by AK Committee for Noxious Plants

 Genista hispanica

 Spanish Broom*
Genista hispanica, Cambridge Univ. Botanical Gardens

 Pyracantha ssp.

Pyracantha, photo by WJ Hayden, Univ. of Richmond

 Spartium junceum
 Spanish or Weavers' Broom*

 Spartium junceum, La Universidad de Murcia

 Pennisetum sp.
 Fountain Grass*  Fountain Grass photo by flickr/tea

 Genista monspessulanum    
 French Broom*  French Broom photo by Forest & Kim Starr

 Cytisus spachianus  Sweet Broom  Sweet Broom photo by flickr/Missouri Botanical Garden

*  These are perhaps the most threatening of all.  Use every effort to halt the spread of these shrubs.

Photo credits are located here.