Non-native Trees

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These plants are incompatible with Portola Valley indigenous plant materials and will crowd them out.  Do not plant them.

 Acacis baileyana              
 Bailey Acacia                          
 Bailey Acacia
 Acacis decurrens     
 Green Wattle
 Green Wattle, photo by Australian Plants Society
 Acacis melanoxylon
 Blackwood Acacia
 Blackwood, photo by Green Corps, Yarra Range
 Cedrus deodara
 Deodar Cedar
 Cedrus Deodara, photo from Point Loma Univ., San Diego
 Cedrus atlantica
 Atlas Cedar
 Cedrus Atlantica, photo by Arbor Glenn Nurseries

 Eucalyptus globulus

 Blue Gum (Eucalyptus)
Eucalyptus Globules, photo by Wild Seed Tasmania

 Eucalyptus globulus "compacta"

 Dwarf Blue Gum (Eucalyptus)         
Eucalyptus Globules Compacta, photo by Sunny Gardens

 Pinus radiata

 Monterey Pine
Pinus radiata, photo by The Rampant Gardner, UK

 Populus alba

 White Poplar
Populus alba, photo by A. Fabiao

 Ailanthus altissimo  Tree of Heaven Tree of Heaven photo by

 Phoenix canariensis  Canary Palm* Canary Palm photo by Crawford Nursery

 Phoenix dactylifera  Date Palm* Date Palm photo by

 Olea europea  Olive (Fertile or Infertile) Olive Tree photo by

 Schinus molle  Pepper Tree Pepper Tree photo by

 Washingtonia robusta  Mexican Fan Palm* Mexican Fan Palm photo by

*  These are perhaps the most threatening of all.  Use every effort to halt the spread of these trees.

Photo credits are located here.