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Native Shrubs

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Bush Monkey Flower
Mimulus aurantiacus
Habitat  Scrubland, Chaparral
Max Height  5'
Bush Monkey Flower photo by Picasa/Lexi

California Hazelnut
Corylus cornuta variety californica
Habitat  Scrubland, Woodland, Riparian
Max Height  13'
California Hazelnut photo by Pete Veilleux

California Wild Lilac
Ceanothus ssp., inl hybrids
Habitat  Upland, Scrubland
Max Height  10'
California Wild Lilac photo by Redwood Barn Nursery

California Wild Rose
Rosa californica
Habitat  Woodland
Max Height  7'
California Wild Rose photo by Picasa/Krista

Adenostoma fasciculatum
Habitat  Chaparral
Max Height  13'
Chamise photo by

Chaparral Currant
Ribes malvaceum
Habitat  Chaparral, Woodland
Max Height  7'
Chaparral Currant photo by

Coast or California Sagebrush
Artemesia californica
Habitat  Chaparral
Max Height  5'
California Sagebrush photo by

Frangula californica
Habitat  Scrubland, Woodland
Max Height  16'
Coffeeberry photo by Picasa/Stephanie

Common Flannel Bush
Fremontodendron californicum
Habitat  Well drained
Max Height  26'
Common Flannel Bush photo by

Common Rose
Rosa Spithamea
Habitat  Chaparral, Oak Woodland
Max Height  2'
Common Rose

Cream Bush, Oceanspray
Holodiscus discolor
Habitat  Woodland, Seeps and Springs
Max Height  20'
Cream Bush photo by

Evergreen Huckleberry
Vaccinium ovatum
Habitat  Scrubland
Max Height  10'
Evergreen Huckleberry photo by Picasa/Julia

Flowering Currant
Ribes sanguineum
Habitat  Woodland, Chaparral
Max Height  13'
Flowering Currant photo by Urban Butterfly Garden

Fuchsia-flowered Gooseberry
Ribes speciosum
Habitat  Scrubland, Chaparral
Max Height  7'
Fuchsia-Flowering Gooseberry photo by Redwood Barn Nursery

Leather Oak
Quercus durata
Habitat  Serpentine Scrubland
Max Height  10'
Leather Oak photo by picasa/ngai chi

Arctostaphylos ssp., incl hybrids
Habitat  Upland, Well drained
Max Height  26'
Manzanita photo by Laura Livengood Schaub

Physocarpus capitatus
Habitat  Riparian, Woodland
Max Height  2'

Ninebark photo by picasa/wild flora

Rhamnus crocea
Habitat  Open Woodland, Moist Slopes, Scrubland   
Max Height  7'
Redberry photo by

Silk Tassel Bush
Garrya elliptica
Habitat  Open Woodland, Scrubland
Max Height  26'
Silk Tassel Bush photo by Mary Liz Parsons

Heteromeles arbutifloria
Habitat  Woodland, forest edge scrubland
Max Height  16'

Toyon photo by

White Pitcher Sage
Lepechinia calycina
Habitat  Upland, Woodland, Scrubland
Max Height  5'
White Pitcher Sage photo by Intermountain Nursery

Wood Rose
Rosa gymnocarpa
Habitat  Woodland
Max Height  5'

Wood Rose photo by

Chaparral Full sun, dry, well drained
Riparian Near creeks or deep watering in summer
Scrubland Full sun, dry, less well drained, some summer water okay
Seeps and Springs          Constant moisture, do not let dry out in summer
Upland Full sun, dry
Well Drained Cannot tolerate wet conditions in summer
Woodland Part sun to shade, but relatively dry

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