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Supplemental California Native Perennials

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Evening Primrose
Oenothera hookeri
Habitat  Meadows, Moist         
Evening Primrose
Island Snapdragon
Galvezia speciosa
Habitat  Well-drained, Rocky Soils, Open Areas         
Island Snapdragon photo by
Mountain Pride
Penstemon newberryi
Habitat  Scrubland 
Mountain Pride
Palmer's Penstemon
Penstemon palmeri
Habitat  Scrubland 
Palmer's Penstemon
Sea Pink
Armeria maritima
Habitat  Well-Drained 
Sea Pink

Chaparral      Full sun, well-drained 
Riparian  Near creeks or deep watering in summer 
Scrubland  Full sun, dry, less well-drained, some summer water okay 
Seeps and Springs      Constant moisture, do not let dry out in summer 
Upland  Full sun, dry 
Well-Drained  Cannot tolerate wet conditions in summer 
Woodland  Part sun to shade, but relatively dry 

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