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Supplemental California Native Shrubs

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Bush Anemone
Carpenteria californica
Habitat  Scrubland
Max Height  10'

Bush Anemone photo by Redwood Barn Nursery

Bush Poppy
Dendromecon rigida
Habitat  Scrubland, well-drained slopes
Max Height  10'

Bush Poppy photo by

California Buckwheat
Eriogonum fasciculatum
Habitat  Scrubland
Max Height  7'

California Buckwheat photo by Intermountain Nursery

California Holly Grape
Berberis pinnata
Habitat  Woodland, Scrubland
Max Height  3'

California Holly Grape photo by Sonja Norwood

Coast Rhododendron
Rhododendron macrophyllum
Habitat  Moist, Conifer Forests, acid soils
Max Height  13'

Coat Rhododendron photo by

Flannel Bush
Fremontodendron - all species
Habitat  Scrubland, Chaparral
Max Height  26'

Flannel Bush photo by flickr/sftrajan

Island Bush Poppy
Dendromecon harfordii
Habitat  Scrubland, well-drained slopes
Max Height  20'

Island Bush Poppy photo by

Island Snapdragon
Galvezia speciosa
Habitat  Well-drained, rocky soils, open areas
Max Height  3'

Island Snapdragon photo by

Lemonade Berry
Rhus integrifolia
Habitat  Upland, Scrubland
Max Height  26'

Lemonade Berry photo by picasa/BC

Matilija Poppy
Romneya coulteri
Habitat  Dry, gravel soils, well-drained
Max Height  8'

Matilija Poppy photo by flickr/sftrajan

Monkey Flower
Habitat  Scrubland, Chaparral
Max Height  5'

Monkey Flower photo by

Oregon Grape
Berberis aquifolium
Habitat  Woodland
Max Height  7'

Oregon Grape photo by picasa/Ruth

Pacific Wax Myrtle
Myrica californica
Habitat  Riparian, seep and springs
Max Height  33'

Pacific Wax Myrtle photo by picasa/Michelle

Snowdrop Bush
Styrax officinalis var. redivius
Habitat  Scrubland, well-drained slopes
Max Height  13'

Snowdrop Bush photo by Ted Muller

Spice Bush
Calycanthus occidentalis
Habitat  Woodland
Max Height  10'

Spice Bush photo by picasa/Florence

St. Catherine's Lace
Eriogonum giganteum
Habitat  Scrubland
Max Height  11'

St. Catherine's Lace photo by Larner Seeds

Sugar Bush
Rhus ovata
Habitat  Upland, Scrubland
Max Height  33'

Sugar Bush photo by

Summer Holly
Comarostaphylis diversifolia var. planifolia
Habitat  Chaparral
Max Height  16'

Summer Holly photo by Yerba Buena Nursery/Jennifer Leech

Vine Maple
Acer circinatum
Habitat  Upland
Max Height  20'

Vine Maple photo by flickr/Hesperia2007

Western Azalea
Rhododendron occidentale
Habitat  Riparian, seeps and springs, acid soils    
Max Height  11'

Western Azalea photo by picasa/Kathy Pitts

Western Redbud
Cercis occidentalis
Habitat  Riparian
Max Height  23'

Western Redbud photo by Redwood Barn Nursery

Chaparral Full sun, dry, well drained
Riparian Near creeks or deep watering in summer
Scrubland Full sun, dry, less well drained, some summer water okay
Seeps and Springs          Constant moisture, do not let dry out in summer
Upland Full sun, dry
Well Drained Cannot tolerate wet conditions in summer
Woodland Part sun to shade, but relatively dry

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