Supplemental California Native Trees

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California Sycamore
Platanus racemosa
Habitat  Riparian
Max Height  115'

California Sycamore photo by picasa/David Diller

Catalina Cherry
Prunus lyonii
Habitat  Chaparral, Woodland
Max Height  115'

Catalina Cherry

Catalina Ironwood
Lyonothamnus floribundus
Habitat  Chaparral, Woodland
Max Height  40'
Catalina Ironwood

Flannel Bush
Fremontodendron - all species
Habitat  Chaparral
Max Height  26'
Flannel Bush photo by flickr/sftrajan

Pacific Wax Myrtle
Morella californica
Habitat  Riparian, Seeps and Springs
Max Height  33'

Pacific Wax Myrtle photo by picasa/Michelle

Western Dogwood, Pacific Dogwood    
Cornus nuttallii
Habitat  Woodland
Max Height  82'

Western Dogwood photo by picasa/Ben K


Chaparral Full sun, dry, well drained
Riparian Near creeks or deep watering in summer
Scrubland Full sun, dry, less well drained, some summer water okay
Seeps and Springs          Constant moisture, do not let dry out in summer
Upland Full sun, dry
Well Drained Cannot tolerate wet conditions in summer
Woodland Part sun to shade, but relatively dry

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