April 28 - Energy Efficiency

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Energy-Saving Fixes to Include When Remodeling
At the time a home is being remodeled, there are many opportunities to increase the energy efficiency of the home. We will discuss highlights of 7 home energy audits performed on homes in Portola Valley in 2008 and the recommendations for increasing these homes' energy efficiency. With special consideration given to Portola Valley climate and architectural styles, the presentation will focus on cost-effective recommendations for reducing energy losses and increasing energy efficiency.
Speaker Bio: Suzanne Emerson, Energy Consultant, Emerson Environmental
Suzanne Henderson Emerson is an Energy Consultant with Emerson Environmental, based in San Carlos. As a home energy auditor and GreenPoint Rater, she focuses on assisting homeowners in making their homes more energy efficiency and reducing their utility bills. For project examples, see

There is Always Room for Improvement - Greening a 1910 house with a 2005 Addition
This is a presentation of a greening process which started prior to the green movement, was part of Build it Green's pilot program for the Green Point Rated - Existing Homes.  The home was one of three that originally passed the program, and the program is the first of its kind for existing homes.  The presentation provides practical advice from the experience of the architect and the greening process of his family's home.  For additional information see the Welschmeyer Residence at www.pwarchitects.biz.
Speaker Bio: Paul Welschmeyer, Architect, Paul Welschmeyer Architects
Paul Welschmeyer, AIA, is an East Bay native whose professional experience began with The Ratcliff Architects in Berkeley and continued with Studios Architecture in San Francisco. His private practice began in 1991 and maintains core expertise in three areas of practice: Adaptive Reuse and Historic Projects; Architectural Interiors, and Residential Works, all of of which include a focus in greenbuilding practices. He is a Niles resident and was a member of Fremont’s Historic Architectural Review Board from 1991 to 1998.
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