August 25 - Water Conservation

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Rainwater Harvesting and Closed-Loop System Landscape Design
An introduction to designing landscapes knowing the water usage requirements and utilizing rainwater harvesting and “Closed-Loop System” landscape models. Explore on-site methods of water conservation and independence as well as drought-protection strategies. Learn about filtration methods, storage options, pumping irrigations possibilities and how to calculate the amount of rainwater coming from roof surfaces. Discover greywater as an irrigation source, including quantities and methods of application.

Speaker Bio: Bobby Markowitz, Founder, Earthcraft Landscape Design
Bobby Markowitz has been designing rainwater harvesting systems and educating professionals for nearly a decade. A licensed Landscape Architect, Accredited Professional by the American Rainwater Catchment System Association, Certified Permaculturalist (taught by Founder bill Mollison), Mr. Markowitz’s work is influenced by his study abroad in Japan and advanced water harvesting workshops in Australia. A frequent guest lecturer and keynote speaker for numerous Landscape Architecture and Rainwater Catchment System Associations, Mr. Markowitz has provided valuable insight into the design of sustainable sites and water conservation systems.

Landscape Irrigation Efficiency
After a brief overview of soil hydrology – how water moves through the soil and plants in your garden – and a quick survey of different irrigation technologies, you will learn how to properly program your irrigation system for maximum efficiency and plant health. Homeowners typically over-water by 50 to 100 percent. Besides the wasted water and direct damage over-watering can do in your garden, water also carries a large carbon footprint due to the energy needed for infrastructure, pumping and treatment.

Speaker Bio: Chip Krug, Principal, Turner Fine Gardens
Chip Krug is the founder and principal of Turner Fine Gardens. He brings the gardener's sensibility to all aspects of landscape design, installation and maintenance. Experience caring for fine gardens on the peninsula has taught him the value of the long-term view. Through trial and error, he has learned which irrigation technologies are truly maintainable and effective over time. Mr. Krug believes that in the garden, sustainability and practicality are one and the same.

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