June 23 - Green Interior Design

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Green Building Comes Inside - Decision Making for Interiors
We all want to create a beautiful home, but worry whether the paints, furniture, and flooring we choose are healthy for us and the environment. Shockingly, common home furnishing products can contain carcinogens, mutagens and airway irritants. Additionally, every purchase you make has an effect on the environment – how can you evaluate your choices for health and environmental responsibility? Time to look into green interior design, an approach to home decorating that reflects your great taste and your care for the planet. This workshop will cover environmental issues that are associated with most common interior materials and furnishings. You will see and touch building finishes and fabrics that are as gorgeous as they are green. Leave with a solid understanding of materials selection for home interiors and the theory behind green building.

Topic overviews will include:
• Green Product Decision-making – how to evaluate products and green claims using your own priorities for health and environmental responsibility. The concept of lifecycle analysis will be introduced.
• Indoor Air Quality – how it is affected by cabinets, furniture, carpeting and cleaning. The primary issues of formaldehyde, fireproofing agents, and designing to reduce allergens will be covered.
• Materials in Your Home – how to find greener alternatives. Specific green materials will be presented and recycled content, responsible forestry, prioritizing local sourcing, durability and other environmental qualities will be introduced.

Speaker Bio: Kirsten Flynn, Designer/Owner of Sustainable Home
Kirsten Flynn is principal designer at Sustainable Home, a service design firm, working primarily with residential projects. The firm believes that there is a green solution to every design problem, and that a product or material cannot be beautiful if it compromises your health or the health of the planet. Kirsten has a design degree from Syracuse University and was the first recipient of the Green Design Certificate from Cañada College. She is a CGBP (Certified Green Building Professional), Member of the US Green Building Council, and Coop America. She teaches classes on green building and green interior design, and loves spreading the word about the beauty of environmentally sensitive interior design. Sustainable Home was selected to design the interiors for Santa Clara University's entry into the Solar Decathlon 2007. This entry took 3rd overall in this international contest.

Please note: the hosting of speakers for the Green Speaker Series: Local Heroes on Local Issues does not constitute an endorsement by the Town of Portola Valley (Town). The Town does not endorse any of the speakers, their businesses or the information provided in their presentations.