May 26 - Green Building/Deconstruction

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Green Building: Why it is Better for You, Your Wallet and the Planet
As popular a topic as it is right now, there is so much misinformation about what green building really costs, what benefits can truly be realized by building green and what qualifies green building materials and methods as verifiably green, or just "green washing". Through a rigorous analysis of the five defining elements of Green Building - Sustainability, Durability, Resource Conservation, Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality, you will discover:
1. What to look for in materials and methods
2. What are the metrics involved with each element
3. At what level the current technology allows us achieve.

Each section will be clarified with examples defining the differences between green materials or methods and those that are just green washed. Both local green building materials suppliers as well as web sites will be presented as additional sources of information. As the breadth of the field continues to expand logarithmically, the goal of the talk is to equip you with the tools to make your own decisions about green building based home improvement decisions.

Speaker Bio: David Edwards PhD., Owner, Earth Bound Homes
David Edwards is the Founder of Earth Bound Homes, the deepest of green custom home builders and residential remodeling companies. David is a LEED-AP, a Certified Green Building Professional (CGBP), a member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and a GreenPoint Rater. Earth Bound Homes is the proud recipient of Acterra’s Sustainable Built Environment Award in 2007 and the builder of the greenest home that Build It Green’s GreenPoint Rated has ever rated. The home is the culmination of years of research into environmentally responsible design and materials and is the showcase home for the company. Living in the home has provided David a unique understanding of what works and what doesn't, what compromises might be involved with a given green material or method, and what benefits we can realize from each element.

Deconstruction and Building Materials Salvage
Through photographs and discussion of deconstruction projects, salvaged materials and materials handling you will find out how up to 90% of the materials in a typical residence can be salvaged for reuse or recycling. Charts and case studies will illustrate how being environmentally aware can also be financially beneficial.

In this session, you will discover:
1. The massive quantities of different materials which are salvageable through deconstruction
2. How salvaged materials can be reused and by whom
3. How economics and the environment at woven together

Speaker Bio: Ted Reiff, President, The ReUse People (TRP) of America
Prior to founding TRP in 1993, Ted Reiff was managing partner with an investment banking firm that provided financial services to young technology companies. Now, in addition to guiding TRP’s national expansion program, he consults with private companies and government bodies on a variety of demolition and waste diversion projects. A graduate of Ohio State University and a licensed demolition contractor, Ted served three terms as board president of I Love a Clean San Diego and is an advisor to Urban Habitat Chicago.

Please note: the hosting of speakers for the Green Speaker Series: Local Heroes on Local Issues does not constitute an endorsement by the Town of Portola Valley (Town). The Town does not endorse any of the speakers, their businesses or the information provided in their presentations.