March 13 - Be Energy Efficient in Your Sleep

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Reducing Large Electric Bills
Local resident and venture capitalist, Elton Sherwin, will share his personal experience reducing home electricity use by 60%! Sherwin is a master communicator, employing an energizing, inspiring – and never boring – manner to talk about the simple things you can do to reduce energy waste. He shows us bite-sized chunks of action in Addicted to Energy and makes it real by recommending personally tested products that have helped reduce his home electric bill from over $500 a month to under $200 a month.

Speaker Bio: Elton Sherwin, Author, Addicted to Energy
Elton Sherwin is the Senior Managing Director at Ridgewood Capital where he invests in energy technology and cleantech companies. Elton's second book, Addicted to Energy – How to Save our Economy and Our Climate, outlines over 50 practical steps individuals, businesses, and government can take to lower their energy consumption. The U.S. Patent Office has granted him eight patents. He is an occasional guest speaker at Stanford University on energy policy and entrepreneurism.

Cutting Energy Waste with Acterra's High Energy Homes Program
Only 99 spots are left in Acterra's High Energy Homes program - an automated tool that guides you through the process of analyzing your home energy consumption. Steve Schmidt from High Energy Audits will show how participating in the Acterra High Energy Homes program can help homeowners learn to reduce their energy bills by as much as 65%! Portola Valley is currently leading Acterra’s "Town Challenge" in the High Energy Homes program, as illustrated by this thermometer. Four other cities – Atherton, Los Altos Hills, Monte Sereno and Woodside are also participating. Don't lost out - join this free program before it expires!

Speaker Bio: Steve Schmidt, Founder, High Energy Audits
Steve was working as a volunteer with the environmental committee of his town (Los Altos Hills) when he began researching how the town could reduce its overall energy use. Starting with his own home in 2002 and then moving to the homes of friends and neighbors, he did extensive monitoring of all energy-consuming devices in the homes and quickly determined that plug-loads are a big culprit when it comes to high energy use. He was able to help this early group cut their total energy use by over 25% by making simple changes like adding Smart Power strips, adjusting settings on their home equipment, or adding cheap digital timers to certain devices. These savings did not require lifestyle changes or purchasing new appliances; just managing existing devices in a smarter way to reduce their waste.

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