October 9 - Eating Local: Benefits that Extend Beyond the Palate & the Plate

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Eating Local: Benefits Beyond the Palate & the Plate
For our October event, Amy Cox, founder of subURBAN homestead, will tastefully address getting back to the root elements of wellness by eating fresh, in season, locally grown food. Learn how you can support and create sustainable food communities. Get key tips for finding and sourcing local ingredients PLUS enjoy a demonstration and tasting that will let you experience what good, fresh food tastes like. Don’t miss this tasty, inspiring event!

Speaker Bio: Amy Cox, founder, subURBAN homestead
Amy has a knack for bringing together her love of gardening, travel and her culinary experiences to create a modern, green lifestyle for you and your family. Amy's mentors include local food advocates such as Alice Waters and her team at the Edible Schoolyard Project as well as Josh Viertel, President of Slow Food USA. While serving as President of Slow Food Chicago, Amy was selected to serve as a United States Delegate to Terra Madre, an International Sustainable Food Conference held bi-annually in Italy. subURBAN homestead and its sister company, Cutting Edge Consulting, were founded because Amy is passionate about connecting Americans with the benefits of balanced, fresh, green living.

Please note: the hosting of speakers for the Green Speaker Series: Local Heroes on Local Issues does not constitute an endorsement by the Town of Portola Valley (Town). The Town does not endorse any of the speakers, their businesses or the information provided in their presentations.