Drought Action

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Looking for ways to save watering during the Winter? 

Use the new H2Oknow Tool - developed by the Town's Water Conservation Committee in conjunction with Home Energy Analytics - to analyze your water use and find ways to avert waste...and avoid surcharges!
The H2Oknow Tool will help you discover where you waste the most water - indoors and out - and will give you a prioritized list of targeted recommendations to help you avoid future surcharges.
Ready to get started? Click here.

Look at the progression of California's drought since 2011 (Data from The U.S. Drought Monitor):

 20111227_CalDrought v220121225_CalDrought v220131231_CalDrought v220141111_CalDrought v2CalDroughtLegend v32014 Drought Progression Video  

PV WaterUsageBreakdown

In 2013, Portola Valley residential water consumption was 305 gallons/person/day, up from 283 in 2012. By way of comparison, the Bay Area average per capita was 79. Since 70% of Portola Valley residential water usage is outdoors there are many opportunities to cut consumption by 25% as mandated by Governor Jerry Brown. (In Portola Valley, we expect to actually need to cut consumption by 35% since we are in the heaviest consumption tier: more than 165 gallons/person/day.) Click here to learn how you can calculate your household's water consumption. Click here to see a chart showing the distribution of water consumption across Portola Valley residents.

Speaking broadly, there are 4 main ways to conserve water:

1. Behavior Change

  • be aware of the value of water
  • be more careful and conscientious in our water use
  • utilize Water Saving Tips

2. Landscape with plants appropriate to our semi-arid climate

3. Install water saving technologies

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4. Expand the supply of water with approaches such as Rainwater Catchment and Graywater Reuse