Town Center Construction Documentary

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Portola Valley's "Green" Town Center

Portola Valley resident and film maker Steven Marra created a 90-minute film that documents the decision to build Portola Valley’s Town Center, how it was financed, and why it was built green. This ten-part series includes interviews and comments by Town officials, the project's construction manager, elected state officials, police and fire departments and also records scenes of the Town Center in construction. 

TCDoc #1

The first installment of this ten-part series presents the vision of how and why Portola Valley committed to design and build a "green" Town Center.

View Video (run time: 9:07 minutes)


TCDoc #2

The second installment of the ten-part series presents information on the environmental concerns associated with building the Town Center.

View Video (run time: 10:01 minutes)


TCDoc #3

The third clip of the ten-part documentary series offers a tour of the partially constructed Town Center and presents information on how the construction was financed.

View Video (run time: 8:45 minutes)


TCDoc #4

Installment #4 of the ten-part series presents an architectural tour of the Town Center complex along with additional construction activity.

View Video (run time: 7:27 minutes)


TCDoc #5

Installment #5 of the ten-part series presents a rainy day tour of the Town Center while under construction.

View Video (run time: 8:53 minute)


TCDoc #6

The sixth clip of the ten-part series presents an instructional tour of the Town Center by the construction manager.

View Video (run time: 7:50 minutes)

TCDoc #7

This 7th segment in a ten-part series examines the role of Portola Valley's Town Center as an Emergency Operations Center. Included in the segment are interviews with Fire Chief Armando Muela and Sheriff Greg Munks.

View Video (run time: 9:17 minutes)


TCDoc #8

The 8th segment in the ten-part series includes an interview with State Assemblyman Ira Ruskin on the Town's leadership role in green building. Also included are comments by the Mayor on the progress of the project as it moves toward completion.

View Video (run time: 9:44 minutes)

Community Hall

The 9th installment in this ten-part series presents the Grand Opening of the Town Center complex in September 2008, with speeches by Mayor Derwin, Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, and architect Larry Strain.

View Video (run time: 7:07 minutes)


TCDoc #9

The final segment concludes with Council Member Ted Driscoll's speech at the Grand Opening Ceremony and the community's collective ribbon cutting.

View Video (run time: 6:16 minutes)