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The Town of Portola Valley was founded in 1964 by a group of civic-minded residents, who donated countless hours performing the necessary tasks to support the operation of a small municipal government. Whether it was unclogging culverts during winter rainstorms or clearing trails, this group of intrepid founding fathers (and mothers!) willingly did much of the work that was vital for the Town's ongoing governance.

Founding Father Bill Lane In the forward to the Town's Committee Handbook, former mayor and founding father Bill Lane writes, "Today, with demands from a growing population, we have seen more traffic, the need for development controls, increased use of our schools, library, trails, playing fields, and so forth, not only by our own residents, but also our neighbors. Each and every volunteer's service, irrespective of the level, is critical to this incredible community's continued success! Our commission and committee volunteers, working in concert with the Town Council, ensure the unique quality of life we all enjoy in this very special place continues. Without volunteer effort, the unique characteristics of our Town that we can all too often take for granted, will be lost."

The following committees are seeking dedicated volunteers. Applications are available at Town Hall or you may submit an online application. The application process is located on page one (1) of the Committee Handbook.

Get a quick overview of the committees and their vacancies here. Or click on the committees below for an larger view of what they do.

Bicycles Pedestrian & Traffic Safety
• Cultural Arts
Emergency Preparedness  
Historic Resources
Open Space Acquisition Advisory
Parks & Recreation
Public Works           
• Sustainability
• Trails & Paths


Citizen Advisory Committee for the Woodside Highlands Road Maintenance District (WHRMD)
You may also use the online application to apply for the Woodside Highlands Road Maintenance District's Citizen Advisory Committee. 


Green Flourish


"It is often said that you get out of life what you give. Through volunteerism, we not only provide support for our Town; we obtain the rich rewards of friendship and of truly making a difference, while setting a meaningful example for future generations."
• Bill Lane, former mayor and founding father