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Fire Safety & Habitat Preservation: View video of an edited  panel presentation for residents from Fall 2011.

The goal of the Conservation Committee is to conserve the rural quality of Portola Valley and to maintain the Town as an attractive, tranquil, family-oriented residential community for all generations, compatible with the many physical constraints and natural features of the area. The committee does this by promoting programs to enhance the environment through protection of native habitat and by helping to ensure that all land development respects and preserves the natural condition of the area.

The Town's Conservation Committee is a resource to help residents to preserve and nurture the natural environment of the Town. Among others, the committee develops helpful publications such as:

The Conservation Committee also sponsors the Backyard Habitat Award Program.


"We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect." - Aldo Leopold

"Every day I am inspired by the beautiful open landscape of our town. I am so grateful to those who came before us, for their vision and respect for the land. Now, I feel that it is my duty to help preserve the remaining lands of our town." - Ward Paine

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Committee Members                                    

Meets: 4th Tuesday, 7:30 pm, Historic Schoolhouse
Judith Murphy, Chair Council Liaison: John Richards    
Catherine Magill, Vice Chair Alternate Council Liaison: Jeff Aalfs
Nona Chiariello   Number of Members:
Marge DeStaebler Established: 1964
Paul Heiple  
Marianne Plunder E-mail:
Katharina Stromeyer  
Dieter Walz    

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