Disaster Preparedness

Additional Information for Emergency Preparedness

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General Information:

  • San Mateo County Alert System - enroll in San Mateo County's Community Alert System (SMC-Alert) to be notified via text message to your email and/or cell phones during urgent or emergency situations.
  • Rapid Notify Alert System - "Reverse 911" alert to your landline using white page phone numbers. Self-register to receive alerts to your unlisted landline, cell phone, e-mail, SMS, and/or pager.
  • PV Forum - in an emergency, the Town will issue messages via its official communications channels (eNotifications, Town's Social Media channels). To subscribe to PV Forum, click here.
  • Portola Valley AM Radio - an AM broadcast radio system has been installed at Town Center as a means of communicating with residents during emergencies. It broadcasts at the frequency 1680 kHz with call sign WQQA726. It is also available via the internet at http://bit.ly/AM1680PortolaValley. Tune in during an emergency.
  • Portola Valley E-Notices - Subscribe to receive instant email notifications when Town news events are posted on the website.
  • SMC Ready - Disaster preparation information for all types of disasters in San Mateo County
  • Fire Safe Council - Excellent information on preparing your home.  Landscaping guides and checklists.
  • Earthquake Drills - Learn about and sign up to participate in California earthquake drills.

For Families with Kids:

Portola Valley School District Instructions for Parents in Emergency
Know what the local public schools' (Ormondale & Corte Madera) plans and policies are for an emergency

Earthquake information for kids
Fun website from the USGS

For Households with Animals:              

Humane Society Disaster Preparedness for Horse Owners
Good information for preparing for evacuation, particularly relevant for wildfires

Humane Society Disaster Preparedness for Pets
Checklists and advice for pet owners

Even More Information:

Our local neighborhood emergency response program

Lots of information on disaster preparedness

Red Cross
Worldwide emergency response information

Federal Government Preparedness
Comprehensive document for preparing for all types of disasters, including good family emergency prep form.