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Bird Bingo

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Want to play a fun birding game?  Join the Portola Valley Bird Bingo Challenge.  Download the bingo card and have an adventure.



1.) Download the bingo carddepicting some of our local birds. The goal is to go out into Portola Valley and find the birdspictured treasure-hunt style. The first person to report back with a completed row, column or diagonal WINS!

BONUS LEVEL *A*:  Include all the names of the birds. Birds names will soon be posted on the town Instagram for the curious or frustrated: 

BONUS LEVEL *B*:  A fully completed card (WOW!!!)


2.) The birds may be in your backyard or out in the wilds. We hope beautiful, local PV nature will be the best medicine for "cabin fever," but, by all means, please explore SAFELY.  Maintain social distancing during your quest.


3.) We want to know not only that you completed a line or the whole card, but we would love to know WHERE you saw each bird. Please post your discoveries to the forum (and if you are a kid, we'd love to know how old you are.) You can sign up for the forum if you are not yet on it at  

BONUS LEVEL *C*: Upload photos of your bird finds ( or a photo of the area where you saw the bird) on the forum or tag your photos in social media on Instagram and Facebook at @townofportolavalley on Twitter at @PortolaValleyCA use the hastag #PVBirdBingo.

BONUS LEVEL *D*: Upload photos of YOU with your bird finds!

Happy nature-treasure hunting and may the best (citizen) scientist win!

Good Luck 
from the Portola Valley Nature and Science Committee


Download Answer Sheet here


PV bird bingo