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Monthly Tips from the Emergency Preparedness Committee

June 2020

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Time to Talk

Personal and Family Communications for Emergency


Not all emergencies happen when everyone is home. Do you have a plan for how to communicate if the emergency happens when you are at work, out on errands, or at school?


Make a family communication plan. Get all family members involved. You can use these family communication cards so everyone has the info they need handy regardless of where they are. Again, include all family members, especially those of driving age.


Have contact information for essential people in your lives: family members, employers, financial advisors, and doctors.


Purchase and label extra charging cables and adapters for your cars, Go Bags, and homes. Encourage all family members to promptly return them to their designated locations after use so they are in place if you have to evacuate. (Families with teenage drivers take note.)


Add back-up charger batteries for phones and computers to stay connected when the power goes out or when you evacuate.


Maintain multiple means of communication, phones, internet, etc., so when one goes down for whatever reason – local equipment failure, rain storms, downed power lines, PGE Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) – you have a way to send and receive information. Test them regularly.


Learn more! Portola Valley WPV-CERT WPV-READY Day June 25, 2020

7 -8 pm (via Zoom)

Learn from representatives of the Portola Valley Emergency Preparedness Committee, WPV-Ready and WPV-CERT, Woodside Fire, and more about how emergency communications work and what you need to do to be ready before, during and after an emergency. Click here to get the Zoom meeting link and information on the Town calendar.


Your role as a resident


Subscribe now! San Mateo County Alert System SMC Alert is our primary notification system. Encourage all adult members (18 and older) of your family to subscribe.

Pre-set AM 1680 in all your cars today! AM 1680 is Portola Valley’s AM Emergency Broadcast station for ongoing updates during and after an incident and any emergency instructions.  You can stream this radio station via the internet. Try your car radio and the streaming version today to see what they sound like. Consider buying a good AM radio to use at home.

Bookmark AirNow  the US Air Quality Index site to learn of current and predicted air quality information in our area during wildfire season. Especially helpful when drift smoke from fires around the Bay Area impacts our community.

Primary Radio Stations • KCBS AM 740 • KQED FM 88.5 • KSJO FM 92.3 • KZST FM 100.1

Consider adding a NOAA weather radio to your supplies for monitoring flood, thunderstorm, and other warnings.

Stay informed and stay involved

Download the Town PV Connect app. Report downed trees, storm damage, and vegetation of concern to keep our roads and trails clear of fire materials and to enable safe passage for emergency vehicles.







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